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Directing 5 YEARS, Managing 12 YEARS, and Designing 20 YEARS in UX/UI for Telecommunication, Education, and Financial Services.
I'm a Process COLLABORATOR, User ADVOCATOR, Workshop FACILITATOR, Methods MENTOR, and Servant LEADER.

UX Research, Product Director Analysis, and Sales Feedback uncovered the customer pain-point of jumping between applications in Follett's Enterprise Suite in order to achieve their user goals. The process of intuitively gathering data and then being able to easily act on that data needed to be addressed in improving Follett's User eXperience.

We redesigned the UX/UI of our public schools library webapp Destiny Discover with a renewed focus on the needs and goals of our identified personas: Librarians and Students. In an effort to resolve identified usability issues we added industry leading features with a Home Page Dashboard UI displaying contextual and actionable data for each targeted persona.

Based on UX Research, the new Librarian Dashboard prioritizes library inventory and usage, while the new Student Dashboard focuses on reading assignments and due dates. Due to tighter integration within our Enterprise Suite of products, both will include personalized book title recommendations based on machine learning, enhanced searching of book titles/educational resources, and the ability to request school resources such as tablet devices, microscopes, and calculators. Please see #6 for the Results Report of this Case Study.

"I am pleased to recommend Adam Fields for any position related to User Experience (UX) design. Adam served as a Senior Manager at Follett School Solutions under my supervision, where he made invaluable contributions to our team, the people he managed, and the projects he led.
During his tenure at Follett, Adam played a pivotal role in shaping the user experience of our award-winning library management application, Destiny, in particular he redesigned our legacy online public access catalog creating a modern elementary and young adult access catalog. His keen eye for detail, discipline to user testing combined with a deep understanding of user needs, allowed him to craft intuitive and visually appealing layouts that greatly enhanced the usability of our products."

George Gatsis
Chief Technical Officer
95 Percent Group, Inc.

"I am proud to offer my recommendation of UX Director for Adam Fields, whom I have professionally and personally known for five years. During this time, Adam and I have worked together on several UX/UI projects. His insight and eye for design have been crucial in the development of the Follett Enterprise suite of products. As a user advocate, Adam works hard to ensure that the customer is always placed first in the design process. He would make himself available whenever asked and was always ready to go the extra mile. He has always conducted himself with levelheadedness and grace regardless of the situation."

Andrew Snarski
Product Director
Follett School Solutions, LLC

"It is my pleasure to recommend Adam Fields for any senior UX role. Adam was on my development team as a lead UX designer for over 2 years and he regularly impressed me with his knowledge, work habits, personal integrity, and experience in UX (User Experience). Adam consistently achieved top results and delivered beyond my expectations."

Bob Kelbe
Chief Information Officer
The Gordian Group, Inc.

I'm a Director/Sr. Manager of User Experience for SaaS software companies. I work in collaboration with product owners, customers, dev engineers, sales, and marketing teams to create effective and intuitive products/services. I help companies grow adoption, reduce churn, and build equity around software customers love using.

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