UXUXAdam B. Fields
User Xperience Specialist
Interactive Tech Consultant

UX and the Future of Business

I believe that User eXperience can be the next innovation leader for enterprise caliber companies looking to improve their products/services. Profit Margins have been cut, Production has been optimized, and Marketing has become more targeted… so how do we grow adoption and maintain retention of our customer base for our products/services? I think the answer is to improve the User eXperience.

UX is the next great driver in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations, desires, and needs. We do this by employing UX methods to understand our customers and their relationship with our products/services. In this way, we can design for an experience that shows "we get them". We do this in an informed manner that it is intuitive to use, aesthetically engaging, and immediately valuable.

Our customers have many options, and with all due respect to the film Field of Dreams: If you build it, it does not mean they will come. Implementations based on User-Centered-Design is a key factor between "having" to use your products/services, and "wanting" to use them. This is where I direct my efforts, because the User eXperience can be a meaningful differentiator for businesses moving into the future.

– Adam B. Fields

Professional experience in directing Enterprise UX for Web Applications/Sites, Project/Team Management, and Product/Service Development. Unique ability to use my design training, technical aptitude, and leadership experience to deliver effective solutions that drive adoption and build the corporate brand.

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User Testing
While often misunderstood, User Testing is integral to the UX process (User Testing, Research, Design... repeat). Regardless of it being functional, if the user can’t easily use it – it’s not working.

Fundamental to design, Research plays a crucial role in the development of an effective interactive experience. You can’t expect to hit the mark, if you don’t know where to aim your efforts.

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, a branded User–Centered–Design allows your audience to connect with your products/services as an intuitive, informative, and engaging experience.

– Adam B. Fields